New project for C-ECO


Since January 2023, C-ECO participates in a new Horizon-RIA project called DiCim (Digitalized Value Management for Unlocking the potential of the Circular Manufacturing Systems with integrated digital solutions).

The Kick-off took place in Brno, Czech Republic at Masaryk University who is coordinating the project. The project is exploring new technologies such as AR/VR, machine-learning or blockchain to provide decision-support to persons working in complex environment of circular economy. The DiCiM digital solutions will boost new circular economy business models based on value recovery activities to sustain and encourage remanufacturing throughout Europe. The project will run until December 2026.


Activities are focussed on integrated digital solutions to enable condition monitoring during the product use phase, optimizing the reverse logistics, and achieving efficiency and responsiveness in the value recovery activities (i.e. collection, inspection, sorting, disassembly, testing and repairing/refurbishing/remanufacturing/recycling) to enable reuse of products, parts and materials. The DiCiM project will demonstrate integrated digital solutions in four use cases in three industrial sectors that represent over two thirds of the European Economy. They include whitegoods (i.e. refrigerators, washing machines), electronics (i.e. printers) and automotive.

The demonstration partners of the four use-cases are Gorenje, Arcelik, Lexmark and C-ECO together with Significant. The project is coordinated by Masaryk University, supported by Stockholm's KTH. Further project partners are: TU Chemnitz, University of Ljubljana, Idener, Iris Technology Solutions and Crowdhelix.

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ReCiPSS project finalized

While the new project started, one other project came to a final end. ReCiPSS was officially finalized in January 2023. C-ECO participated in this project for 4.5 years.

Within this project, C-ECO
-       Got the chance to offer a customized service to wholesalers
-       Developed a new platform to digitally manage core return options
-       Integrated and connected that platform into C-ECO’s CoremanNet service
-       Managed 100.000 cores from April 2021 till the end of the project with this new service approach
-       Significally enlarged part number and product range for core handling
-       Gained three new customers with the new service offer - beyond the project
-       Worked together with lots of great partners and met interesting people with inspiring ideas

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