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Innovative Services for Advanced Circular Economy

Information technology and reverse-logistics are enabler for this sustainable business

Let us explain our motivation

The circular economy concept is a response to the aspiration for sustainable growth in the context of the growing pressure of production and consumption on the world's resources and environment.

Until now, the economy has mainly operated on a 'take-make-dispose' model – a linear model where every product is bound to reach its 'end of life'.

A transition to a circular economy shifts the focus to reusing, repairing, remanufacturing and recycling existing materials and products. What used to be regarded as 'waste' can be turned into a resource.

Our Vision

To support the development and success of sustainable circular economy businesses.

Our Mission

We are where the used parts accrue and support their return to a defined destination for future processing.

Nature and purpose of our business

The purpose of the Circular Economy Solutions GmbH is to provide services, development and sales of service solutions for the circular economy and related businesses.

Our Corporate governance

Corporate governance at C-ECO identifies our essential codes, rules and policies that represent the interests of our shareholders, partners and employees.

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CoremanNet offers qualified core return solutions for the automotive spare parts market. The modular packages can be flexibly adapted to suit individual company requirements, thus helping to create the fast and efficient business procedures crucial to long-term success.


Wilhelm-Lambrecht-Straße 6,
37079 Göttingen

Telephone: +49 551 500 80 67 0
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Greschbachstraße 3,
76229 Karlsruhe

Telephone: +49 721 6630 48 01
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C-ECO Representation
332 S Michigan Ave, 9th Floor
Chicago, IL 60604

Telephone: +1 224 938 2943
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Big step towards zero waste

EU Plastikmuell Teaser Bild

The European Parliament just decided on banning single-use plastics from the EU starting latest 2021.




C-ECO joins ReCiPSS project

Recipss Teaser Bild3

The European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme supports two eco-innovative projects, of which C-ECO is a part. The Resource-efficient Circular Product-Service Systems Project (ReCiPSS)  aims to explore success factors for circular manufacturing models at a large scale.




C-ECO joins CarE-Service project

CarE Teaser Bild

The European Commission supports Research and Innovation projects through the Horizon 2020 programme. Circular Economy Solutions GmbH (C-ECO) participates in two eco-innovative projects in the field of Circular Economy which aim to bring new innovative solutions in the market. It promises more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market.



Automechanika 2018

Automechanika Teaser Bild

Circular Economy Solutions GmbH (C-ECO) participates at the Automechanika trade fair in Frankfurt a.M. in September 2018.



New CoremanNet selection station in Memphis

Memphis Teaser Bild

C-ECO’s service brand, CoremanNet, opened a new service hub in Memphis, Tennessee to further improve and extend its services within the North American market.



Our world is just 9% circular

Gap Report 2

A new report published by Circle Economy UA (Netherlands) concludes that currently there is just a 9% circular flow of goods in the worldwide economy. Reversed, this means there is a potential to save more than 90% the world’s resources by improving and promoting Circular Economy (CE).


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