Resource Efficiency through Remanufacturing 


VDI ZRE (Centre for Resource Efficiency) describes remanufacturing as a central measure to improve resource efficiency. Today, remanufacturing is 2 % of all production in Europe with a turn-over of 8.7 billion Euro each year. 

A result of their analysis of 2017 is that remanufacturing of products offers significant growth potentials for small and medium sized enterprises. It leads to reduced material consumption as well as cost reduction and consequently to competitive advantages. In comparison to a new product, remanufactured products show the same or even better product performance.   

Through remanufacturing, a reduction in material and energy consumption is apparent. For production, a reduction in costs up to 80 % is possible while material consumption can be reduced up to 90 %. In turn, this profit margin can be passed on to the customer. This way, remanufactured products can be sold for only 40 to 80 % of the usual price. A higher competitiveness is the result of this variable pricing policy and bigger product range. 

The positive economic and ecological effects can be further amplified by having a product design that is destined to be remanufactured from the beginning.  

Under current conditions a growth of 50 % up to 46 Billion Euro until 2030 is both possible and realistic for the remanufacturing sector.


CoremanNet Circle Economy en 69232kl

CoremanNet offers an intelligent service for core return and remanufacturing. With this system an easy, transparent and fast way for core management allows efficient circular economy in the automotive aftermarket. 

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