CoremanNet identified as "The Future Use Case"


The Horizon2020 project “NewInnoNet”, sponsored by the European Commission [EC], identifies CoremanNet as THE future use case for reverse logistic in the automotive aftermarket.

The “NewInnoNet” project, funded by EU Horizon 2020 programme is an initiative to establish a European platform for stakeholders aiming to show how a concept of circular economy can be enhanced and stimulated through reduction or elimination of waste, fostering systemic eco-innovation, and generating new business opportunities.

A recent report, published by “NewInnoNet”, describes more than 100 established use cases including CoremanNet. The research project evaluated the existing business models based on future potential as enabler for circular economy. As an outcome of their study, the CoremanNet service was identified as “The Future Use Case” for reverse logistics within the Automotive Industry.



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CoremanNet is a product of the Circular Economy Solutions GmbH and offers an intelligent service for core return and remanufacturing. With this system an easy, transparent and fast way for core management allows efficient circular economy in the automotive aftermarket. 

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