New CoremanNet service solution packages also available for wholesalers


Not only remanufacturers profit from the new CoremanNet service solution packages (more information here), the new packages also exist for wholesalers.

There are brand new service solution packages with improved transparency over services and costs for both remanufacturers and wholesalers. Automotive aftermarket stakeholders’ business requirements for core management are different. That is why the new CoremanNet service solution packages are perfectly adaptable to all business approaches and requirements.

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The CoremanNet modules Inspect and Support are included in all of the wholesaler service solution packages. Transport modules can be added to the package if needed.

The Inspect module focusses on optimized financial performance.

A specific Support level is included corresponding to the chosen CoremanNet package.

The Transport module offers a time- and cost-efficient global logistics network from one partner.


These are the new service solution packages and their added-values for wholesalers:

Logistics Base: for logistical handling

- Relief from efforts to identify, check, sort and transport cores
- Free storage areas
- Transparency of all physical core evaluations 


Comfort: For optimized financial performance towards suppliers

- Reduce surcharge losses
- Increase core acceptance rate
- Transparency of core return performance towards suppliers
- Check payments from core returns for correctness
- Informed decision making and reasoning towards suppliers 


Advanced: For advanced transparency and financial performance towards all business partners

-  Transparency of core return performance towards workshops and internal outlets
-  Evaluate core return quality from workshops and internal outlets
-  Check payment obligations towards workshops
-  Option: make acceptance decision at your point of sale 


Premium: For early signals for core management chances and risks

- Customized evaluation and labeling of cores and reporting
- Remote supervision of your core return performance to alert risks
- Recommendations to improve core management 


Detailed information

CoremanNet is the leading core management network in the automotive aftermarket. Through an internationally established logistics network combined with an innovative IT solution, CoremanNet enables a systematic and effective circular economy for used automotive parts. Parts are identified systematically and process-controlled, evaluated technically and financially by means of specific algorithms and artificial intelligence technologies.

CoremanNet is provided by Circular Economy Solutions GmbH