20 + 5 years - CoremanNet and C-ECO


Since 2001, the service brand, CoremanNet, is THE core management service for the automotive aftermarket. It offers qualified core return solutions and operates a worldwide logistics network. It is a service brand of Circular Economy Solutions GmbH (C-ECO) since their founding in 2016. This year, C-ECO celebrates a small anniversary with five years of existence.

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The service packages of CoremanNet, including Collection, Inspection and Provision of used parts (cores), can be flexibly adapted to suit individual company requirements. With a network of 22 evaluation centers and three warehouses spread across four continents, CoremanNet handles about 3 million used parts per year. The system offers an international reverse logistics service for cores with a simple and reliable return process including compensation of financial incentives.

This network provides the requested parts in a timely manner and in a defined quality from the core market to the remanufacturing plant. With a return ratio of approx. 90% and one of the largest collection volumes in the market, CoremanNet contributes strongly to circular manufacturing systems in the automotive industry. The all-round service is completed by consultancy from experts.


World map

CoremanNet selection points are spread all over the world (dark blue).


History of CoremanNet

How can we optimize the handling of cores for remanufacturing most efficiently? That was one of the questions asked in the 2000s. Starting in 2001, a group of experts of the remanufacturing industry was trying to answer this question. And the answer was a core management system with smart IT combined with a global logistics network called CoremanNet. Managing all typical circular economy challenges in the automotive aftermarket: from physical collection, core inspection and warehousing to financial accounting of core return options and finance settlement.

Since 2016, CoremanNet is a brand of C-ECO. The company has grown to more than double the size by now and focusses 100% on circular economy. Working with 30 employees on C-ECO's biggest goal: Make this world more circular!


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