Virtuous Circles on their way around Europe


 In December, the Virtuous Circle workshop took place in Romania. The Circular Economy Solutions GmbH (C-ECO) joined this workshop and shared their best practices for circular economy.

 This new initiative launched by the European Commission (EC) is intended to help the 12 member states which are at risk of missing the 2020 target for recycling 50% of municipal waste (we reported). Within this initiative, the EC planned a tour to visit these EU member states in cooperation with leading experts from all over Europe.
 The workshops are designed to examine issues integral to increasing recycling, remanufacturing, and reuse rates and provide support through technical assistance and sharing best practices by experts in the field. 
C-ECO’s Peter Bartel joined the workshop in Romania presenting possibilities for circular economy in the automotive aftermarket and beyond. 
C-ECO’s core management network service for the automotive aftermarket, CoremanNet, is already operational in Romania with a core selection station in Bucharest. Since 2016, CoremanNet collects, identifies and evaluates cores onsite and manages their return to the remanufacturer. The CoremanNet operation in Romania is part of a worldwide service network.
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There will be more visits to EU member states in early 2019.
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