C-ECO's business model recognized by UN as an innovative solution supporting the Circular Economy Agenda


  Circular Economy Solutions GmbH (C-ECO) was named in a publication of the United Nations Environment Program. The report about circular economy points out the importance of new businesses supporting this business model.

 C-ECO is mentioned in this significant report for providing services for other companies to reach a circular working method.

 UN report

  The leading report: Redefining Value – “The manufacturing revolution: Remanufacturing, refurbishment, repair and direct reuse in the circular economy”, points out that some new and innovative business models support the transition of individual businesses towards more circular practices by facilitating the collection of their used products/parts around the world, and then returning them to a defined destination for refurbishment and remanufacturing.  This article refers directly to the C-ECO homepage (www.c-eco.com). 
 This report was prepared by the Working Group on Circular Economy of the International Resource Panel (IRP). It applies, in general, the value-retention processes to a series of products within three industrial sectors - so, as to quantify the benefits relative to the original manufactured product. In this manner: the material requirement, the energy used, the waste, but also the costs and the generation of jobs are measured through first hand data from selected industries.  
The report, Redefining Value, also highlights the different barriers faced in the implementation of the processes including: regulatory, market, technology and infrastructure barriers, and how they can be overcome by a collaborative approach which changes the perceptions between industries and consumers. 
 Many circular economy practices seek to retain value within the economic system through Value Retention Processes (VRP) such as: arranging direct reuse, repair, refurbishment or comprehensive refurbishment, and remanufacturing.
Circular Economy Solutions GmbH is managing circular economy networks and is offering services for other companies to extend their existing linear business to a circular economy.  
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