C-ECO as speaker at World Economic Forum side event


In January 2021, C-ECO was invited to speak at the World Economic Forum side event “Circular Cars Initiative”. With a presentation about the requirements for sustainable internal combustion and electric vehicles C-ECO addressed representatives from the automotive sector, NGOs and associations in the audience. The group debated the maturity of the existing automotive business case in line with future CE requirements and a need for actions was detected.

The goal of the CCI (Circular Cars Initiative) side event of the World Economic Forum was to talk about possibilities in the automotive sector, needed policies for a more circular future and to engage companies and organizations to collaborate.

To improve the circularity in the automotive sector, important decisions were made during this year’s event. The development of a knowledge and action plan is needed to create a transformation roadmap to achieve a common vision including pathways and milestones. Furthermore, a refinement of the collective knowledge in the enabling technologies and models could help to achieve the goals. Shaping the collaborative proof of concepts and pilots closes the loop.

To strengthen the Circular Car Initiative, a functional governance will be implemented, leadership from private and public sectors shall be mobilized and a sustainable financing model should be established.


The Circular Cars Initiative
The CCI is a private/public sector collaboration focused on leveraging new technologies and business models to align the automotive industry with a 1.5C climate scenario. Through an integrated systems approach, CCI will provide a platform for actors in the value chain to eliminate gaps between economic incentives and social outcomes. A core goal of CCI is to leverage sectoral knowledge, partnerships, funding and creativity to help community members develop technologies and business models to eliminate emissions from automotive utilization and manufacturing.


In the automotive aftermarket, C-ECO is supporting circular economy with their service brand CoremanNet. With a worldwide network, CoremanNet handles 3m used parts (cores) per year and manages all processes physically and financially.


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