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C-ECO Purchasing Process for
Used Parts From Trucks 

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Quick and easy – Receive your payment in three steps

  1. Registration: Send us your registration form.
  2. Collection: Collect your used parts and send us your pick-up form.
    We will pick up your parts from your location, inspect them, and send you an order based on the inspection report.
  3. Payment: You will create an invoice based on our order and we will pay you accordingly.

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FAQ for the core purchase process

Which products do you buy?
C-ECO buys the following utility vehicle/truck products:

Clutch products
   - Clutch Pressure Plates
   - Clutch Discs
   - Clutch Actuators
   - Dual Mass Flywheel

   - Single and Twin Cylinder Compressor

   - EBS Trailer Modulator
   - EBS Axle Modulator
   - EBS Trailer Control Valve

You may contact us at cores@c-eco.com to receive a purchasing list with detailed information on products and prices.

What are the technical criteria that are being used for the inspection?
Used parts need to fulfill the technical minimum criteria before they can be used for remanufacturing. An up-to-date list of these return criteria can be found at www.coremannet.com/ruecknahmekriterien/.

What will happen to used parts that do not fulfill the return criteria?
For any used parts that do not fulfill the return criteria or that are not listed on the purchasing list we will pay a scrap value of 2€ per part.

What is the minimum number of parts needed for a pick-up?
Transport is free if you send at least 40 used parts, irrespective of their product category. CoremanNet is organizing the pick-up. If you have collected less than 40 parts then you can send them to us at your own expense.

How should we pack the parts?
Please use standard single use pallets and cardboard box for the shipment. Please ensure the used parts are well-protected and, if possible, put each used part into their respective product box.  

Please note that heavy items such as clutch pressure plates or dual-mass flywheels can damage lighter items such as clutch discs or release units that are placed underneath – please make sure to prepare a safe and secure shipment.

What happens after sending the pick-up form?
You will receive a pick-up order which contains tickets. Please attach the tickets to each packaging unit. A transport service provider will pick up your parts generally within a few days.

When will I receive the inspection report and the order?
You will receive the inspection results at the latest 15 days after the pick-up via email. The email contains the order from which you can create the invoice.

What information does the inspection report contain?
The inspection report shows the results on the product group level with the respective technical evaluations.
- “Accepted”: The used part fulfills the return criteria and is useable for remanufacturing. C-ECO will compensate you for it.
- “Rejected”: A used part will be rejected if it is, for example, not on the purchasing list or if it does not conform to the technical minimum criteria. C-ECO will pay out the scrap value. The inspection report will indicate the reasons for the rejection.

Who is CoremanNet?
CoremanNet carries out the handling of used parts for the purchasing process of C‑ECO (see also www.coremannet.com).

What are the purchasing conditions?
The amount being purchased corresponds to the value given in the inspection report. You will receive the payment within 30 days (net and without deductions) following the receipt of your invoice.

Who can I contact for further questions?
You need more information? Please send us an email at cores@c-eco.com or call us at +49 551 500 80 677.

Your documents at a glance
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